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About Carolyn Gammicchia
Carolyn and her husband Andrew have been married for almost twenty three years.  Their two sons Alexander and Nicholas are currently attending college and along with their parents are active volunteers with several advocacy and service organizations.  The family are all registered Republican voters and take pride within their party affliation. 

Carolyn's involvement within politics began when she was a young child and her father ran for a seat on the Michigan Senate.  Supported by then Governor Romney, he had been active within the Republican Party for several years as a precinct delegate and served on several state committees.  Campaigning for her family was second nature and Carolyn has been very involved within policy making for years.  She was chosen to participate in the Partners in Policymaking class of 2002 and since has been an active advocate within policy in the areas of education, disability rights, public safety, and health care.  She has personally testified at many federal, state, and local hearings on these topics, assisted in drafting federal policy, and presented many sessions on being active within legislative efforts to fellow parents and professionals.

Carolyn is the Executive Director of L.E.A.N. On Us which she co-founded in 2002.  The non-profit agency's mission is to ensure first responders and others obtain the training and resources to meet the needs of individuals living with disabilities they support daily.  The organization also assists crime victims, who may be more vulerable, to ensure they obtain justice.  L.E.A.N. On Us has also collaborated with many local, state, national and federal agencies.  Carolyn has personally overseen and worked on projects in collaboration with the Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime, and the Michigan Department of Community Mental Health.  She  has worked as a consultant on several federal and state projects and has successfully written and overseen many grants for programs to assist individuals who have disabilities and our senior citizens.

The Gammicchias were featured on the cover of the national Advocate magazine due to their efforts in a cross country cycling effort that promoted awareness of autism. 
 Carolyn also authored the cover story article.
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