Elect Carolyn Gammicchia
Shelby Township Trustee

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Welcome to the Committee to Elect Carolyn Gammicchia Page
Carolyn Gammicchia has been a Shelby Township resident for seventeen years.  She along with her husband Andrew and two sons moved to Shelby Township because it was a community they felt would provide their family with the security and sense of belonging that was important to them.  In doing so they also made choices to give back in many ways as well as assist in creating a community they would take pride in as residents.  That is why Carolyn Gammicchia has chosen to run for the office of Trustee.  She wants to work collaboratively to create solutions for Shelby Township so others will continue to choose this community as their own and those living within it will have their voices heard.  A vote for Carolyn is a vote for you.
Vote for Carolyn Gammicchia August 7th, 2012